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XML Gold

We offer the best xml gold feed and api in the industry. Affordable at only $30 per month without any limitations. Our competitors often boast they provide the best and most affordable solution though they are misleading. Our direct competitor Xignite charges over $1000 dollars a month for less of a service than we provide. In my personal opinion they are price gouging big time. They want $15,295 for the first year! Our only other xml gold competitor is Digital Gold Currency Standards Consortium. They are some white label site with a large disclaimer stating they do not guarantee the price output at any time. They charge $25 a mont for 22,250 hits. That means you can update your pricing every 2 minutes for a month for $25. Their prices are not in line with the Kitco spot price of gold like ours is. I personally have tried their feed long ago and found it to be closely accurate at best.

Example pricing table for XML gold price feed
Screenshot of Xignite checkout for less of a service.

That being said our two main competitors only offer the bid and ask price of gold where as we give you in our xml gold feed, bid, ask, high, low, price change and percentage change.

In short we believe that we can offer you the best service, supply and reliability as far as a precious metals feed goes. If you are looking for the best xml gold feed, click here.