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PHP Gold Price Live

Example PHP Script Usage Video



Looking for a php script that will output the current spot price of gold? Our php script will allow you to easily embed the price of gold in your website or company blog. Simply highlight and copy and place in any php file. Now you have the current spot price of gold in real time that is aligned with the Kitco spot price of gold. Stop messing around with complicated, hard to use and inaccurate products that cost time and money. Our system offers 100% uptime and is never more than $0.07 cents per gram different than Kitco, the most trusted gold price provider. Use our simple php Gold Price Live script by selecting the code below and pasting it on your page. Remember the page has to be .php, .html will not work. Here is an example of the script:

Click here to download

How to use the php script:

The “/31.1034768″ in the php script is defined as follows – “/” = divide and “31.1034768″ = the number of grams in a troy ounce which is how gold is measured on the market. The 2 in the script means that you would like the price output to the 2nd decimal place.

Here is an example edit to add $1.25 markup to an item that weighs 3 grams:

Click here to download

*Use for live payout charts.