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Real Time Precious Metals API

Real Time Precious Metals API, extensions and plugins.

Looking to integrate real time spot gold, silver, platinum or palladium pricing into your website or eCommerce store? Gold Feed supplies an api that allows you to easily place the spot values as well as create payout tables easily. Our Precious Metals API is fast and reliable. With an over 99.9% up time you can be assured you are receiving a top quality service.

We also have several apps built for all the major ecommerce platforms including WordPress, Magento 1 and 2, BigCommerce and Shopify. Now you can easily integrate real time spot pricing into your online coin or bullion website or shop in as little as 10 minutes with no coding experience.

Our apps and precious metals API are robust and allow you to set variables such as “minimum sell price” and “buy back price”. We take pride in our service and are always reinvesting in further developments on an ongoing basis.

Choose the best precious metals spot price provider and go with Gold Feed Inc. Our prices are reasonable and there is no limit as to how many hits you are allowed.

Our feed is offered in all of the most popular currencies.

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